Waste Water

Douglas Brown Community Center Lift Station Improvements
Location: Okeechobee, FL
Owner: Okeechobee County
Year Completed/Contract Amount: 2018 / $80,350.00
Project Description: Replace the existing sanitary sewer septic system that serves the Douglas Brown Community Center with a proposed pump station that meets current construction standards.

Project Name: Lift Station 13 Improvements
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Owner: City of West Palm Beach
Year Completed/Contract Amount: 2017 / $1,324,778.04
Project Description: Demolition, construction of a CBS building addition with sheet pile foundation to house new electrical equipment, construction of replacement electrical and control equipment for the existing pumps and motors, new overhead door, new bridge crane, new opening for air intake, nine (9) new valve actuators, eyewash station with water service, new ultrasonic flowmeter and vault, new generator and support pad, associated structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical work, instrumentation and controls, conduit and pullboxes, undergrounding of station electrical service, painting, fencing, architectural treatment and accessory items, station programming and startup services, and any other items as described in these documents to provide a complete and functional system.

Project Name: Rehabilitation of Wastewater Treatment Unit #3
Location: Cooper City, FL
Owner: City of Cooper City
Year Completed/Contract Amount: 2015 / $370,319.00
Project Description: Replace air header, catwalk, replace all weirs with new aluminum weirs, replace bar screens with new stainless steel. Install new scum trough and install 2 new skimmer arms.

Project Name: Filter Rehabilitation
Location: Davie, FL
Owner: Town of Davie
Year Completed/Contract Amount: 2014 / $226,870.00
Project Description: Furnish and install complete filter rehabilitation system.

Project Name: Central County Reclamation Facility Deep Injection Well (DIW) Pump and Piping Systems
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Owner: Sarasota County, Florida
Year Completed/Contract Amount: Still in progress/ $1,137,126.00
Project Description: Install DIW forcemain consisting of (2) 150 HP splitcase axial pumps and 24″ forcemain. Also, install 12″ forcemain to the reuse pond 50 HP horizontal self-priming pump.

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Project Name: GT Lohmeyer WWTP
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Owner: City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Year Completed/Contract Amount: 2011, $3,390,273
Project Description: Improvements to existing Water Treatment Plant to include roof, HVAC, grit classifiers, LOX tanks, sealwater pumps, electrical, instrumentation, and controls.
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Project Name: Saint Lucie Fair Grounds

Location: Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Owner: Saint Lucie County, Florida

Year Completed/Contract Amount:2009, $598,207
Project Description: Performed all necessary site work to install 150,000 gallon ground storage tank, and biotrickling filter odor control system, pump station and all associated equipment, controls and instrumentation.
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Project Name: Area 11A Booster Pump
Location: Delray Beach, Florida
Owner: City of Delray, Florida
Year Completed/Contract Amount:2009, $553,527
Project Description: Furnished labor, materials, equipment, services, fittings, valves, connections to existing systems and all incidentals and appurtenances for the installation of a new 18″ CL 250 DIP (approx. 630 LF) and 18″ HDPE DR 11 (DIPS)(approx. 1540 LF), reclaimed water mains. Also includes clearning and grubbind, dewatering, MOT’s, complying with permit conditions, pavement restoration, sidewalk and curb restoration, flushing and testing and all restoration work.

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Project Name: Eckerd YDC Roof and Sewer Lines
Location: Okeechobee, Florida
Owner: FL Dept. Juvenile Justice
Year Completed/Contract Date: 2007, $250,916
Project Description: Reroof existing facility and install new sewer lines and make connection to sewer lines and make connection to sewer main.

Project Name: Big Cypress Septic Systems
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Owner: Seminole Tribe of Florida
Year Completed/Contract Amount:2004, $164,099
Project Description: ******